by Laura Atkins
oil on canvas
35″ x 45″
With a Memento Mori feel to it, Arcana portrays two ladies, perhaps Gypsies. These ladies appear to be consulting a rare antiquity book of Arcane knowledge? The skull defers to the Ancestral secrets, in hopes of being revealed. Artist’s signature “L” on book end also can be read as LV roman numerals for 61.


by Laura Atkins
oil on canvas
35″ x 45″
Working primarily in oils, Laura’s paintings are often described as haunting and addictive. Her atmospheric vignettes are filled with metaphors, and her subjects could be said to have a timelessness. Mostly self-taught, Laura has recently been a studio assistant to her Mentor, Portrait Artist Leslie Adams. She has attended David Gray’s Portrait workshop and continues to study the Art of the Masters in the Detroit Institute of Art and the Toledo Museum of Art.

Laura has often stated that she feels she is living in a modern day Renaissance as there are some very wonderful living Artists, that she admires.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 1 x 35 in


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