by Laura Atkins
oil on aluminum
26″ x 26″
A very delightful scene unfolds here; We find two ladies in matching pink satin and tulle ballerina dresses. The feathered mask lady rests a white schooner atop the Marie Antoinette wig wearer’s white wig. Two goldfish represent the two ladies, a nod to a certain Pre-Raphealite painter. The stylised octopie wallpaper leads to the balcony overlooking their view of the Sea with a playful waterspout in the background. Artist’s signature “L” is in the fishbowl.


by Laura Atkins
oil on aluminum
26″ x 26″
Vardøger, also known as vardyvle or vardyger, is a spirit predecessor in Scandinavian folklore. Stories typically include instances that are nearly déjà vu in substance, but in reverse, where a spirit with the subject’s footsteps, voice, scent, or appearance and overall demeanor precedes them in a location or activity, resulting in witnesses believing they’ve seen or heard the actual person before the person physically arrives. This bears a subtle difference from a doppelgänger, with a less sinister connotation.

Working primarily in oils, Laura’s paintings are often described as haunting and addictive. Her atmospheric vignettes are filled with metaphors, and her subjects could be said to have a timelessness. Mostly self-taught, Laura has recently been a studio assistant to her Mentor, Portrait Artist Leslie Adams. She has attended David Gray’s Portrait workshop and continues to study the Art of the Masters in the Detroit Institute of Art and the Toledo Museum of Art.

Laura has often stated that she feels she is living in a modern day Renaissance as there are some very wonderful living Artists, that she admires.

“Embracing the Illustrative Arts, it is natural that my paintings have illustrative narratives. I frequently employ metaphors that help me address certain dilemmas from past and present. My process involves an indirect painting technique, this means that there is a buildup of layers and great care is required to execute my paintings.”

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 1 x 26 in


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