Myth, Magic & Lore

Myth, Magic & Lore

Feburary 14th – March 14th

Artist Reception Saturday, February 14th | 6-9PM

Super group show featuring Sandra Yagi, Christopher Ulrich, David Van Gough, Jeff Christensen, Paolo Petrangelli, Hannah Yata, Julianna Menna, Jean Pierre Arboleda, PeeMonster, Mab Graves and members of the Copycat Violence Collective (Alexandra Garant, M de Vena, Marjolien Caljouw, Ellen Wilberg, Matthew Dutton, Catherine Moore, Stephanie Law, Faye Osman, Laurie McClave, Amanda Stalter, Kamille Freske, Helena Reis, Julia Gabrielov, Emi Slade, Dean McDowell, Kmye Chan, Brynn Elizabeth, Megan Buccere, Patricia Ariel, Melissa Hartley, Jel Ena, Liliy Buth and Brianna Angelakis).

The topics myth, magic and lore have been a veritable treasure trove of inspiration for artists’ through out the ages. From ancient mythological creatures to modern day super heroes the human psyche has been infatuated with the extraordinary, the mystical and the consequences brought by evil while good seeks to prevail.

For the fertile minds of members from the Copy Cat Violence Collective and fellow artist participating in the show at Bash Contemporary “Myth, Magic and Lore” February 14 thru March 14, 2015, a latitude of creative license is provided to explore this seedbed of possibilities from a contemporary perspective.

While the uncanny seeks to challenge redemption, history provides us with myth, magic and lore as our defense.

In the words of Joseph Campbell “ Myth must be kept alive. The people who can keep it alive are the artists of one kind or another”

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