October 14th – November 11th
featuring the works of Whitman Lindstrom and Lubov

Prima Facie brings to Bash two emerging artists. Lubov is a current member of the Las Vegas art community while Whitman Lindstrom hails from Los Angeles. Both artists have developed their own unique style and content different but similar. However both share a level of proficiency in their work that is comparable. Whitman delves into contemporary pop for his expression and iconography while Lubov explores the mystical with a twist of gypsy lore. Contrasting and complementary these two artists provide a visual experience worth seeing.

Whitman Lindstrom is an emerging fine artist from Los Angeles, CA who works primarily with oils on canvas.

Through this medium, he has developed a unique style that seeks to find a balance between the classical and modern styles of painting. Finding inspiration in all aspects of his life, his paintings often tell a short narrative about certain aspects of society with a dab of irony. He describes his body of work as cultural surrealism.

Lubov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Anxious for cultural and political freedom, Lubov immigrated to the United States. This move caused her to adapt to a culture very different than the one she had known. Although she has very few good memories of her youth while in Russia and of her move to the US, her early adversities forged a great strength of character that would benefit her for the rest of her life. It is this strength of character and her tenacious hold on truth that abounds in her art.

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