Yet To Come

Harbinger of Time

John Moffitt Solo Exhibition

September 9 – October 7


John Moffitt has a renowned reputation as one of the best scene npainters in the motion picture industry. In the words of one of his Warner Bros. colleagues: “John Moffitt is a true scenic master, the best I have worked with, without any doubt.” Over the decades, Moffitt has honed his crafts as a fine artist, muralist, illustrator and scenic artist, always exhibiting a masterful handling of draftsmanship and the tools of the trade. Bash presents a rare opportunity to view the remarkable paintings and prints of John Moffitt who has truly been a Harbinger of Time. You do not want to miss this exhibition of a true masters work!

Oct 14 – Nov 11

November 18 – December 30

Three person show featuring the works of Marie Larkin, Sheri DeBow & Kurtis Rykovich


Marie Larkin is an Australian Pop Surrealist. Her art embodies an undeniably feminine oeuvre, meticulous execution and attention to detail. Works in painting, drawing and sculpture have been inspired by fairytale and nursery rhyme narratives, pop culture, beauty and the feminine persona.. She creates richly coloured, finely detailed, alternate worlds inhabited by beautiful girls, strange and mesmerising, with expressive eyes and dark natures. Most recently, female characters have an undeniable feminine force, strong, empowered and aloof. Her bodies of work continue to mature, gaining greater sophistication of style and consistency throughout.. Paintings and drawings retain her signature women who embue the works with narrative and emotional content.




Sheri DeBow – “Ever since I was little I’ve always had my hands on some form of art. I relish in creating something fun or amazing where others would think of as nothing there. Whether it’s a blank canvas or scraps of wood, wire, fabric or clay, I see possibilities in everything around me. I did artwork all through school, it kept me feeling alive. I studied painting and drawing with professor Sakaguchi in Pasadena,Ca. and took sculpture courses under Phil Cornelius. I did a short apprenticeship under Franco Vianello in the Napa Valley.I also took courses under the “Mad Scientist” of clay, Micheal Maday. I was privileged to attend some life changing work shops with the wonderful sculptor, Richard Carter and Sensei Kusakabe, who is an amazing ceramicist. As a Mom to five wonderful children, the world went upside down for me when I started having kids. What I could work on had to be out of reach and mostly in the wee hours of the night. Although my art has had to wait many times, I wouldn’t trade away one minute of time spent with them. They have all stretched me farther as a person than I thought was possible. I blinked and already it has gone to walking, running, arguing, laughing and all of them shining with their own amazing thoughts and talents! After years of painting and sculpting for myself I decided to stop playing it safe and force myself to be vulnerable & share my God given ability. I had my first art show in the Napa Valley and it was a great success. I realized it was time to start focusing on my art since it was already my passion. I have shown from Germany, Canada, New York, New Orleans out to San Francisco, L.A., Seattle and back again! I now have pieces hanging all over the globe! I have been a full time artist now for quite a few years and it is a constant labor of love. I pour so much of myself and my life into every piece of work, that at times, it is almost impossible to let them go. I have a slightly comical and often twisted view of marriage. I have also had an amazing life of extremes from childhood into adulthood, some things wonderful, some things horrible! Since art is the greatest personal therapy it always manages to find it’s way into my work! Even though life can get crazy I LOVE it and art is air for me! I hope you feel something genuine when you view my work. Whether it is joy, laughter, tears, spirituality, anger, struggle, sex, frustration, peace or whimsy, I hope it evokes something true for you. I hope it makes you stop and think. That is why I sculpt and paint. That is why I create. : )”


Kurtis Rykovich grew up in the small mining town of Ely, NV. There was never much culture or Art in the area but his Family and Mentors always encouraged him to pull from his creativity and create a world far better then his own. Kurtis then attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he studied Fine Art which he completed in 2006. Growing up Kurtis had always had a fascination with fashion, history, and beauty. It is not till he left his small town to attend a university where he started to pull these elements together. “ I am not so much inspired by the history you learn in textbooks, but I am more drawn to the history of an individual, maybe never documented, and how that history has created such a beautiful or slightly eerie being.” Kurtis creates these visions of beauty whose stories appear to be shrouded in ornate clothing and effortless hair, but when observed at more then just a glance you will get a taste of what they have been through or perhaps what they lack.


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