Christopher Ulrich

Christopher Ulrich is a painter of surreal iconographic images. He is influenced by the richness of ancient mythology, the mystery of alchemy, and the vastness of cosmic reality. Illuminating this dark journey with insight, heart and determination he strives to understand the unraveling revelation that reveals itself in the work. Christopher exhibited a painting in March of 2005, (the Demoneater prototype) for the Alex Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors benefit at the Hollywood Athletic Club in California. Christopher began to work on his major Demoneater series, which is the first of three major experiments. This Demoneater series has now been made into a book. Demoneater consists of 15 “Keys” to 15 “Doors.” all of which are paintings depicting black-mirrored reflections of a single character. This alchemical allegory was shown at the Bergamot Station on November the 2nd (Day of the Dead) 2007 thru January 2008 at the Dan Lang Gallery. After the Demoneater exhibition, he began to create new works for group showings every month. Christopher Ulrich’s first solo show with Billy Shire was The Fourth Enochian Key, which debuted on June 13, 2009. This next chapter was the continuance of the Demoneater series recently catalogued and exhibited at the Grand Central Art Center Museum at CSUF in May of 2010. Illuminator: The Royal Wedding is the second chapter of three in Christopher Ulrich’s ongoing journey. Each piece in the series is designed to be its own portable temple marked and charged by the number 8. There are 16 paintings with 16 illustrated studies, 1 additional drawing, hidden, conceptual notes and 16 print editions that completed the show. These works are puzzle pieces to a greater whole: a grand tapestry called The Christ Chronocrator Project: The Reckoning. This is the third and final series of the project, which was exhibited at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on December 7, 2012.