Laura Barnhard

Laura Barnhard is a self-taught surrealism artist from Windsor, Ontario. Showing an early passion for all things creative, her artistic talents were recognized very early on, and encouraged by family, friends and teachers. This trend continued all the way through her adolescence, accompanied by numerous awards, which further inspired the young artist to pursue this path. In her high school art classes, however, a pivotal shift in thinking occurred. Rigid and monotonous lesson plans had hampered her creative spirit. “I lost the passion and excitement that had driven my artwork for so long. I felt no motivation to continue painting or drawing and finally quit creating art altogether.” This experience changed the young artist’s outlook, and eventually manifested into the pursuit of all things unconventional. “I did absolutely nothing artistic for well over a year, and when I felt ready to create again, I had this whole new style, vision, and inspiration. That experience awakened in me the deep-seated passion in my soul to blaze my own trail, and follow my own instincts and vision in everything I do.” Since that time Laura has been feverishly working towards her artistic pursuits. In 2008, in her U.S. debut showing, the art world took notice as Barnhard unanimously won “best in show” at the acclaimed C-POP Gallery in Detroit, Michigan, out of over 100 artists from around the world. Since that time, Barnhard’s work has been shown throughout the US and Canada, receiving much attention from fans and collectors alike.