Mila Sketch

Mila sees and shows a whole through the fine details. She uses subliminal manner of drawing and do not know where to lead her own hand. Mila Sketch was born in Russian extreme northwest port city Murmansk on the border with Norway and Finland, in 1985, and now lives and creates in Austin, TX. Described by her parents and teachers as a prodigy child, she developed a love for drawing at a very early age. Mila had her first art award at the age of nine. Her painting “Camping in the Ice” won the young talent contest and was exposed in Murmansk Regional Museum. In 1991 Mila’s family moved to Voronezh, city in the center of Russia where she successfully completed a course of study in Voronezh Art School. Art school gave precious gifts: time, tools and resources to actually create art. Mila had multiple opportunities to experiment with different media projects, learn many art techniques and develop important relationships with teachers who became mentors. She begun to work at the animation studio. Mila quickly became a full time digital artist where she worked on advertisement, 3D movies and computer games production. Same time she was a journalism student at Voronezh State University. As her career progressed, she felt the strong need to dedicate all her professional and creative time to graphic paintings. Milla’s artworks have now been exhibited worldwide since 2002.