Rusty Sherrill

Rusty Sherrill was born in Lakeland, Florida, much younger than he is now, and as the years passed, he eventually grew out of it. His childhood was your average middle-class upbringing. Sherrill notes that he was just like any other small, childlike person except for two minor details: he could move objects with his mind and destroy entire universes with his forehead! He then quickly corrects himself, “No, wait a minute, that was the kid down the street!” Art is in Rusty Sherrill’s DNA. From his earliest memories, his mind has always been in art mode. “Luckily, my doodles are slightly more sophisticated these days,” Sherrill quipped. He’s always thinking about his next project. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or where he is. He could be in a really important meeting and think, “This guy has a really strange head shape. I wonder how he came to be, how any of us came to be?” Before you know it, Sherrill’s lost in a new painting consisting of various flying odd-shaped heads exploring the very essence of existence. After graduating from art school in Tampa and working briefly in his home state, Sherrill moved to California. His day job the last 20 years has been as a art director in the clothing industry. All his spare time is spent doing illustrations, painting, cartooning and working on Kid Nitro and the Sinister Slorp, his first novel. He has freelanced for the movie industry, comic book companies and advertising agencies. Sherrill’s gallery pieces have been on display for more than a decade throughout Southern California. He paints in acrylics, but uses the Old Masters’ oil-painting method of transferring drawings to canvas or illustration board then doing a monochromatic underpainting before adding washes of color. Sherrill believes art is in the eye of the beholder. “What I try to do is take subjects that interest me and come at them from a different perspective. It’s all about seeing things differently.”